Here you’ll find some helps and other types of things for Stellaris, most notably the Internal Market Limits, some Naming Conventions I use for ships and planets, and maybe other things, I don’t know yet.

Internal Market Limits

Here are the maximum of each resource you can buy/sell before the price starts to change.
Keep it mind that it is only useful before the creation of the Galactic Market.

Resource Max buy Max sell
Food 52 146
Minerals 52 146
Consumer Goods 25 72
Alloys 13 36
Crystal/Motes/Gas 5 14

Ship weapons IDs and naming convention

The following table shows some small helps to design and name ships according to the weapons they use.

ID Name Type Slot(s) Acquisition Target
10 mass driver kinetic S M L standard shields
11 autocannon kinetic S M L standard shields
15 kinetic battery kinetic L standard shields
20 nuclear missiles explosive S standard armor
25 swarmer missiles explosive M standard armor
30 red laser energy S M L standard armor
35 plasma thrower energy S M L standard armor
40 disruptor energy S M standard hull
50 basic strike craft strike craft H standard armor
60 space torpedoes explosive G standard armor
65 proton launcher energy G standard hull
70 sentinel point-defense energy P standard armor
75 flak battery kinetic P standard shields
90 mega cannon kinetic X standard shields
91 particle lance energy X standard armor
92 arc emitter energy X standard hull
95 perdition beam energy T standard armor
140 energy siphon energy S fauna shields
141 mining laser energy S M fauna armor
142 null void beam energy S M L event shields
144 matter disintegrator energy S M L crisis armor
145 cloud lightning energy L fauna hull
150 amoeba flagella strike craft H fauna armor
210 ancient macro batteries kinetic S M L archeotech shields
225 ancient nano-missile cloud launcher explosive S archeotech hull
230 ancient cavitation collapser energy S M L archeotech armor
250 ancient driller drones strike craft H archeotech hull
270 ancient defensive web slinger energy P archeotech armor
290 ancient saturator artillery kinetic X archeotech shields
295 ancient ruination glare energy T archeotech armor
350 swarm strikers strike craft H crisis hull
360 large scourge missile explosive G crisis hull
500 global pacifier colossal W standard planets
510 world cracker colossal W government planets
520 neutron sweep colossal W government planets
530 divine enforcer colossal W government planets
540 nanobot diffuser colossal W government planets
550 devolving beam colossal W archeotech planets
560 deluge machine colossal W ascension planets

My personal naming convention look like this :
This is the name of an early-game Destroyer
CH stands for its role, here we have a Corvette Hunter so CH. Then, PI designate the hull types used. This particular Destroyer uses a Picket front hull and an Interceptor back, so we get PI. The numbers correspond to the weapons IDs, the first one being the main weapon system and then the secondary if there is one. 40/70 means this Destroyer is primarily using Disruptors, with a Point-Defense system as a support weapon.

Whether the ships themselves are good/meta or not, maybe not. But at least the name fucking slaps, especially if you add a cool code name like the “CS-T60/225 Ghost” (Cloaked Striker Frigate, you can get the rest).

Colony naming convention

Depends on the ethics, mostly, I keep the name of the planet by default (Deneb III, Sol III, …) but if I play Spiritualist, I take names from the Necroid name lists.